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The Jackson Old Hickory Lions Club is group of people from all walks of Life. We have Doctors, Pharmacists, Salea people, Ministers, etc. No one  who is serious about serving others is turned away.  We serve the people of Jackson and Madison County.

The Jackson Old Hickory Lions Club was formed in June of 1973. The first president and still member in good standing is Robert "BOB" Blackman.  Lion Blackman served as our Sight First Program which furnishes glasses to needy people in Jackson and Madison County.

Our clubs Major goal is to help  those  who have no insurance and qualify for assitance, to go to an Eye Doctor and also get glasses. The process starts with a letter to the club. Tell us all about yourself, including finacial information and why YOU think you need glasses. We in return will send you an application for you to fill out and return to us. After we recieve your application we will review it and either approve or disaprrove your application. If approved we will send you an approval carsd with a number and the name and contact information for the Docter you are supose to see. It will be upto you to make and keep the appointment. There is a $20.00 copay for the visit. You pay this to the Doctor. We have helped thousands of people since this program was started in 1974. If you feel you need help, please contact us. Our information is below.

                                                                       Jackson Old Hickory Lions Club
                                                                       P.O.Box 2342
                                                                       Jackson, TN 38305


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